About Us

Marc is from La Rapita in Catalonia, Spain, which makes him “Lo Raptienc” – from La Rapita. His hometown is famous for its quality of produce and many many bars and restaurants.

Marc has grown up in an area proud of its food culture and heritage. Many of his friends and family are fishermen – who not only catch fish but are famed for cooking delicious, simple food onboard for the crew.

Marc’s grandad Mingo was a fantastic cook both on board as a fisherman and running his own Tapas Bar. Mingo’s food is an inspiration for Lo Rapitenc – tasty and satisfying Spanish food made with love.

For many migrants, food and cooking is a way to remember and celebrate home and to share those memories with new friends. Lo Rapitenc is Marc’s means of doing just that – celebrating his homeland with his new homeland.

la rapita spain map
lo rapitenc fishing boats photo